Top Tips for Starting As A Freelancer

Top Tips for Starting As A Freelancer

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Starting out can be overwhelming, but that doesn't mean you can't make a success of it.

Freelancing can be a varied, rewarding, and enriching career path. But if you’re just starting out, what are the things you need to be aware of to help you go it alone? Check out our top tips for successful freelancing.

Know Your Worth

It’s tempting to price yourself lower in order to win a project, but think about how many hours you’re likely to be working and ask yourself: Is my time really worth so little? You should know how much your time is worth; what you need to earn to make a living; and stick to your rates.

Here’s an easy formula to help you calculate your hourly freelancing rates:

Rate = (Yearly Salary + Expenses + Profit) / Hours Worked (yearly)

Be Clear On What You’re Supposed To Deliver

One of the biggest reasons for disputes is a lack of clarity on what you’re expected to deliver. Job posters may assume that you understand exactly what they want, but often that’s just not the case. Always communicate back to the job poster your understanding of the project deliverables and ask them to confirm that this reflects their expectations, before agreeing to work on the project.

Be Organised

It’s goes without saying, but it’s easy to let small jobs pile up on your desk when you’re your own boss, but eventually they could become a real headache if you don’t stay on top of them. Make sure to keep clear and effective planners, task lists, and project trackers to ensure you’re always on top of work, and your clients remain happy customers!

Make Use of Free Apps and Tools

There are loads of workflow management tools available such as Todoist,, and Slack that can help you plan out your work. They offer free, fremium, and paid options. Of course, OK, Can! has an in-built project management module to help you on your way too!

Know Your Stuff

The bottom line for any freelancer is you must know your area of expertise through and through. Clients are outsourcing work to you because they don’t have the expertise themselves, so they expect that you will be ale to pick up the brief and use your skills and experience to add value to them.

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