Sustainable travel in 4 easy steps

As global citizens travel has become part of our lives, we travel for business and pleasure. But as we become more eco-conscious, can we travel sustainably?  Try out these 4 tips for guilt-free getaways.

1 – Avoid the plane and take the train –

Want to decrease your carbon footprint and still travel around your chosen holiday spot? Hop aboard the ‘slow travel’ movement and travel by train instead of an airplane.

2 – Give the right way –

Many well-travelled people to developing nations will take along token gifts of clothing or sweets, however this can create a culture of dependency and begging. Instead, give to an established charity that helps local communities in the area you’re visiting.

3 – Say no to plastic –

Do as you would do at home, pack a reusable water bottle to keep hydrated and a reusable shopping bag for souvenir shopping. Speaking of souvenirs ….

4 – Support the real local economy –

Shop wise and shop smart. Buying locally made souvenirs supports local artists and the local economy by providing jobs.

From Italian cities to Thai beaches, over-tourism is becoming a problem. By becoming more aware of the impact of tourism, we can take small steps to lessen our personal footprint and make a difference.


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