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OK Can Freelance Marketplace Startup

Singapore, December 2020 – Get ready, Singapore. OK, Can! is here to spread festive cheer as we round off a year many of us would gladly see the back of.

Over 200,000 freelancers* in Singapore will have weathered quite a storm as the economy battles to stay afloat. But while the need to earn extra income is one thing, many of us are also seeking greater purpose in the work we do, realising that working remotely is no longer a barrier to being productive and balancing our lives.**


OK, Can! A freelance marketplace that exists to help people do good through work #WorkingForGood

Founded by editor-turned-entrepreneur, Dan Marshall-Singh, the startup is driven by a mission to make a positive impact on the planet; create dialogue about important global issues; and provide employment opportunities for freelancers to earn a fair and just living.


So, what’s different and how does it work?

Every transaction contributes to our fundraising efforts.

  1. Freelancers sign up, complete their profile, and bid on jobs that match their skills
  2. Job Posters post their gigs for free and right now we’re waiving our 5% service fee charge until 22nd December
  3. We take a commission on the project total and put 1% of the total project fee into a donation fund, called The OK Fund.
  4. The bigger the job, the bigger the donation


Help Us Raise SG$100,000 in 2021

With the support of freelancers and the business community, we are on a mission to raise SG$100,000 to be donated to a range of causes, and should this target be achieved, OK, Can! will contribute an additional 5% of our net income to The OK Fund.


Why should we care?

We’re all aware of  the knock-on effects of climate change on the welfare of communities and wildlife across the world.  We know that more progress is needed to protect and nurture people who have been caught in political crossfire.

We also believe (and hope!) that the majority of people want things to change, but often feel powerless to do anything by themselves or don’t know where to start to make the change.

By using the OK, Can! Platform, freelancers and business contribute to our effort of raising funds for good causes, across four key areas:

  1. Protecting the environment
  2. Global sustainability
  3. Vulnerable communities
  4. Animal welfare

In 2021, we’ll be raising awareness of key issues that we feel deserve a spotlight across Instagram and Facebook. At the end of the year, we’ll ask our members to nominate the organisations who they would like us to distribute donations to. 

All of these efforts ladder up to a visible, impactful and ongoing public awareness campaign that will be the driving force behind what we do.

We’re at the beginning of our journey and there’s an enormous amount of work to do, so we hope that you’ll help us to kick things off and work with us to get the word out in time for Christmas.

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Media Enquiries: Dan Marshall-Singh
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +65 8225 2923

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*Singapore University of Social Sciences. The Gig Economy is Here to Stay []
**Channel News Asia. Commentary: Hello COVID-19 remote working, goodbye cult of presenteeism. [Last accessed:]

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