How much should I bid on a project?

At OK, Can!, we don’t dictate how much a project should cost because ultimately the agreement is between the job poster and freelancer.

However, OK, Can! exists to help people earn a fair and just living based on respect for freelancers’ expertise, experience, and talent.

When thinking about an hourly or project rate, we advise all freelancers to consider carefully and honestly about how long a project should take them to complete and multiply the estimated time by their hourly rate.

If you are unsure about how to set your hourly rate, take some time think about what is a fair rate for the complexity of the project and the experience required to deliver it in full to a high standard. Remember also that competition on the platform will ultimately determine how successful your bids are, as this is an open marketplace and prices are not set by OK, Can! itself.

Don’t forget that work also includes time taken to communicate with the job poster, as well as gathering research and information relating to the project.

We urge all freelancers to clearly set out exactly how they will approach their project, listing out all deliverables and timings, so that job posters understand fully what they are paying for.

OK, Can! carries out monitoring across all projects to ensure standards of quality are maintained and to protect the interests of all of its members.

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