Food sustainability

Over the last 100 years, the world’s population has quadrupled, overstretching the yield of agriculture and the delicate biological ecosystems that are integral in sustaining the development of our food crops. One out of three food bites depends on pollinators like the honeybee to create a successful harvest*, yet the unbridled use of pesticides has obliterated bee colonies, and in the US alone, the honeybee population has declined by 60% since the 1950s.

This situation poses a huge challenge for the sustainability of food production. If bee populations continue to decline, fewer harvests will yield crops to deliver 1/3 of our food, putting the global food supply at risk.

This is why the work of conservationists and beekeepers is so important.

This year, we’re raising funds for the following organisations. Read more below:

*The ubiquitous use of pesticides has obliterated bee colonies. Grossman, E. 2013. Yale Environment 360. [Last accessed: April 2020]

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