Do I have to pay to apply for a gig?

No. OK, Can! is 100% free for freelancers. Simply register your profile; update your resume; browse gigs; and apply.

Is my resume/profile visible to the public?

No. Your resume/profile is only visible to prospective employers who are logged in.

Do I have to pay to list a gig on the website?

Yes. There is a one-time fee of $5 per listing, payable by PayPal.

I’ve applied for a gig but haven’t heard back from the job poster. Can OK, Can! help me to get in touch with the recruiter?

Applications are reviewed and processed directly by the job poster. OK, Can! doesn’t handle any application details, to ensure a smooth and efficient service for both freelancers and job posters.

Can I apply for more than one gig?

Absolutely! You can apply for more than one gig at a time. However, you can only once for the same gig.

I need to edit my job posting, but I’ve already paid the listing fee. Is it possible?

Yes! Just log in to your profile and select ‘My Listings‘. From here, you’ll be able to view, manage, and edit your listings.

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