5 jobs a freelancer can do that might surprise you

5 jobs a freelancer can do that might surprise you

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5 jobs a freelancer can do that might surprise you

Did you know that you can hire a freelance to do more than just writing, editing and graphic design work? There’s almost an infinite amount of digital work you can hire a freelancer to do, here are five jobs that a freelancer could do to help you to expand your business or free up some precious time. 

1. Podcasting

In 2020, Podcast Hosting Reviews reported more than 1.5 million podcasts with over 34 million episodes were available in the USA. Emerging for the general public in 2004 it’s still considered a new form of digital media, however 75% of people in the USA are familiar with “podcasting” and over 100 million people say they listen to podcasts regularly. 

Podcasts can help you reach a new audience to share your ideas or information about your company. They offer an opportunity to grow your business, increase your audience, provide thought leadership content and create content for a niche market. 

Some barriers for someone trying to launch a podcast can include lack of time to create the content, not having the correct broadcasting equipment and having no technical skills to produce the podcast. 

A specialist freelancer can help with these barriers to help you produce your own podcast. They can help with scriptwriting, digital editing, content management and promotion of the podcast.

2. Dropshipping

E-commerce is on the rise, increasing from USD$1.33 billion in 2014 total sales to USD$3.54 billion in 2019. As more businesses sell products online, there is an increase in demand for dropshipping services.

But what is dropshipping? 

Dropshipping provides fulfillment services for online sales and also takes away the hassle of maintaining an inventory and coordinating shipping logistics from retailers. 

If you’re interested in setting up a dropshipping service but don’t know where to start, freelancers can provide services such as building a dropshipping site, helping to research the best product to sell, creating product pages, managing the e-commerce site and market your dropshipping site with tools such as SEO and social media.

3. AR Filters & Lenses

If your target audience includes people, then your target audience is most likely on social media. Cam features on apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook offer fun AR (augmented reality) filters for users to share with friends on their accounts. 

AR filters range from virtual makeup to virtual ‘ageing’ and cartoon dog faces, these filters and lenses are growing in popularity so quickly that some social media platforms have invited designers and brands for their own AR filters.

Hiring a freelancer to create AR filters can help you take advantage of this growing trend and remain relevant and competitive with your target audience.

4. eLearning

There’s no question that Covid-19 has upended education everywhere. While eLearning and virtual school are not new concepts, they have taken on more importance as a large number of educators and schools across the world are relying on these resources to teach students.

Getting eLearning up and running can seem never ending. Fortunately, freelance education professionals are available with eLearning content development as well as video production, animation and fun and interactive quizzes. 

5. Translation

Did you know that 36.9% of Singapore residents aged five and older use English most often at home against 34.9% for Mandarin. Five years ago, it was the reverse, 35.6% of Singapoerians said Mandarin was their most-used home language while 32.3% used English.

That represents a significant opportunity for companies across the region to reach out to an audience in their native language, be it Mandain, Malay or Tamil. If you don’t have someone who speaks a language fluently enough to translate your website and other materials, why not hire a freelance translator?

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